ayah and ibu ♥

mohd termizi bin mohd arif is my dad and yusra liza binti mohd yusoff is my mum .they are my parents. i love you so much ibu and ayah . ♥ both of you never be apart and i can't stop loving you guys . :'] ibu dgn ayah byk bersabar dgn perangai eycaa . im reallyreally sorry :'[ ibu dgn ayah byk tunaikan semua kehendak eycaa , tp eycaa tak penah dengar ckp ibu dgn ayah . eycaa tak penah bg kebahagian pada ibu dgn ayah . :'[ eycaa dah byk sakitkan hati ibu dgn ayah . eycaa degil . taknak dengar ckp ibu dgn ayah . eycaa byk menyesahkan ibu dgn ayah . EYCAA NEH ANAK YG DERHAKA ! ayah and ibu maafkan eycaa ye :'[ thank you for everythings ibu and ayah .

sincere by ; nurul atiqah ♥

this is story about me ♥♥

hyee , my given name is nurul atiqah bt moh termizi . Call me eycaa, Staying at bandar baru ampang. Sixteen years old . Im was born on 07 January 2010. In my life, never existed for the word arrogant okay? Crazy with music, a poor woman with wealth, but rich with love. No drunk no sex no clubbing no smoke, thank you. All my besties, old friends, topfriends and new friends you all the best (!) I am not perfect and not rich like you. Im not hot like your girlfriend, im just simple and chubby. I do my thing and you do yours. I am not in this world to live up to your expectations, and you are not in this world to live up to mine.You are you and I am I,and if by chance we find each other,then it is beautiful . Better don't jugde a book by its cover only,read inside first then jugde what you want to jugde but don't you dare to judge me if you don't know about me (!)

my atittude :')
I'm crazy , goofy , random , hyperactive , talkactive , not arrogant , patient , jealousy person , caring , emotional , not rude , stubborn , not selfish , love to laugh , sensitive , easily to cry , freindly and loving .